The GG Collective

What's the GG Collective?
GG. A phrase as old as time. A phrase that our ancestors used to say to one another after surviving deadly battles with lions and bears. It reminds us that no matter the outcome, win or lose, victory or death, we respect each other's effort.

The GG Collective is a community of gamers and non-gamers, who live with the GG mentality. 

Wether you're competing in a game, or competing in life, GG


What's in it for you?
Collective members get their own personal 10% discount code to use on any of our GG products.

Get other people to use your code, and you can make money.
Each time someone uses your code you make between 10%-20% commission, depending on your level in our collective. There are 3 levels of the collective, explained here.


We invite any and all to join our GG Collective.
All that's required of you is that you adhere to our community guidelines, provide us an email address, and choose a personal discount code that's unique to our system. Apply here.