The GG Collective

We invite any and all to join our GG Collective.
All that's required of you is that you adhere to our community guidelines, provide us an email address, and choose a personal discount code that's unique to our system. Apply here.


Level 1 Collective Members.
This is where we all start out. Your personal discount code will get anyone 10% off in our store, plus you'll get 10% of the sale in commission.

Level 2 Collective Members.
Level 2 collective members make 15% commission on sales. You become a level 2 member when you own something from our product line. Once you purchase a GG product, post it on social media and tag us. We'll re-post you, and then DM you asking for the email address you signed up with. With your email address we will verify the purchase and then level you up. 

Level 3 Collective Members.
Level 3 members make 20% commission on sales. You can get to level 3 one of two ways- have 10k combined social media followers (and prove it to us) or make at least 25 sales. DM us to let us know you meet the Level 3 criteria.


But.. what's "Commission?"
Commission is the money you make each time someone uses your code to buy one of our GG products. Here's an example explaining how it works

Say your friend spends $30 on our gear. If they use your code, they'll get 10% off, and only have to pay $27. Additionally you'll get paid a commission (a percentage of the sale). If you're a Level 1 Member, you'll make 10% of the sale- which would be $3 from his purchase. A Level 2 Member would make 15% of the sale, or $4.50. And a Level 3 Member would make 20% from the purchase, which would be $6. 


How do I get the money I make in commission?
Click here for all payout information.  

Ready to apply? 
Click here to be directed to our application. You'll need an email address to apply. We will email you back within 48 hours letting you know if you've been approved or not.